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Name of Company Officially Changed to SRO Aramid (Jiangsu) Co.,Ltd.

日期:2012-07-14 00:00:00 作者: 点击次数:13557

On May 26, 2012, it was crystal clear and the sun was shining. It is a commemoratively significant day in the development history of SRO.

At 9:30 A.M., all the shareholders, the leaders of the government, and the employees’ representatives participated in the opening ceremony at the gate of the plant of Suzhou Company. The ceremony was presided over by the deputy general manager Zheng He. Mr. Zhong Xuanzhu who serves as the chairman of SRO Group (China) Limited Company made a concise and passionate speech. Accompanied by the deafening firecrackers, the Chairman Zhong Xuanzhu and the leaders of the government jointly pulled open the red silk covering the plaque of the holding company with a round of applause and aroused public feeling.

While the company was holding the opening ceremony, the Department of Human and Administrative Affairs organized some attendants to arrive at the DYNA Sun International Hotel one hour in advance in order to complete all the preparatory works such as arrangement of seats, distribution of documents and testing of audio and projection equipment. At 10:30 A.M., the participants in the meeting arrived in the meeting hall to participate in the establishment meeting and the first shareholder’s general meeting of SRO Aramid (Jiangsu) Co.,Ltd..
At the meeting, the board of directors and the board of the supervisors were formed by election. At the meeting of the board of directors convened later, Mr. Zhong Xuanzhu was elected as the chairman of SRO Aramid (Jiangsu) Co.,Ltd. by a unanimous vote.

The chairman Zhong Xuanzhu and all the shareholders and the members of the board of directors talked freely about the broad development prospect and the planning layout of the company, and ardently expected that the employed superior management should carry forward the cause pioneered by the predecessors and forge ahead into the future and hang together in order to become stronger and larger in the new material industry. The meeting was over at P.M. 4:30. (Journalist Yang E)